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Mercato dei Grani 1821-1823 (Brescia)
                                                                                    Mercato dei Grani 1821-1823 (Brescia)

              Archaeology tells us that since Botticino Classico was first used more than 2,000 years ago, its history has
              run in parallel with that of the area in which it is quarried.
              Brescia was its main market from the first century A.D. to the nineteenth century and the town offers
              numerous examples of the use of Botticino Classico marble in structural and ornamental contexts,
              including the Tempio Capitolino, a masterpiece of Roman architecture, the grandiose medieval base of
              the Torre del Broletto and two jewels of the Renaissance: the Palazzo della Loggia, on which both Palladio
              and Sansovino worked, and the sculpted façade of Santa Maria dei Miracoli. In the 17th century, Botticino
              Classico triumphed in the baroque art of the Duomo Nuovo. Starting in the second half of the nineteenth
              century, the Industrial Revolution brought about the modernisation of the production fabric in the area and
              acted as a driving force behind new urban planning projects in Rome and throughout the world.
              With the construction of the Palace of Justice in Rome, as well as the Vittoriano complex of monuments,
              sales of Botticino Classico boomed and numerous new orders built its reputation both in Italy and
              internationally. In 1904 it crossed the Atlantic to clad the huge interiors of Grand Central Terminal in
              New York. Then it became a symbol of power and financial stability at the new headquarters of Banca
              Commerciale Italiana in Piazza della Scala in Milan, while in the 1930s it won the heart of Giuseppe
              Terragni, the “enfant prodige” of Italian architecture. The rest is history in the making.
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