Page 5 - Annuario-2021
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Blocchi di Botticino Classico con il marchio collettivo di origine
                                                                        Botticino Classico marble blocks with the collective mark of origin

            A HERITAGE TO

            With its aesthetically pleasing
            coloured veining on ivory white
            base colours, its structural
            compactness and strength,
            not to mention its versatility in
            architectural and artistic projects
            for both interiors and exteriors,
            Botticino Classico is quite unique
            and unmistakable, like its area of
            origin. It is quarried exclusively
            to the east of Brescia in the
            Municipality of Botticino by a
            fabric of small and medium sized
            marble quarrying and working
            businesses which drive the thriving
            local economy. These dynamic,
            technologically advanced and
            forward-looking operators provide
            highly skilled labour and constant
            quality control. In a market where
            the competition regularly offers
            customers what it improperly calls
            “Botticino”, but is in fact different
            quality beige marble from other
            sources, extracted and worked at
            low cost, the local product stands
            out for its unbeatable value.

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