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Kyoto Shin Hankyu Hotel Kyoto (Giappone)
                                                               Kyoto Shin Hankyu Hotel Kyoto (Japan)

                THE CONSORTIUM:
                Founded in 1987, the Consortium of Botticino Classico Marble Producers associates the leading local
                Producers, qualifying itself as the main promoter of the culture and quality of Botticino Classico
                Marble in the world.
                The stone industry represented by the Consortium is today made up of 5 leading companies in the
                production of Botticino Classico, able to sell from the raw material to the finished product.
                Focusing on the greater value of the marble quarried and worked in its area of origin, the Consortium
                has played a vital role in promoting awareness of Botticino Classico and its exports throughout the
                world, from the US, South America and the Middle East, to the Far East and South East Asia. In the
                context of the global market, the area’s micro-economy is now active at Italian national level in the
                development and promotion of Italian made products throughout the world. To this end, provincial
                regulations and regional legislation have been introduced to protect the area and as a result Botticino
                Classico is now the subject of research at many Italian universities.

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