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The Tree of Life. The Project.

L'Albero della Vita

The Tree of Life was born from the drawing of Michelangelo’s paving of Campidoglio square in Rome: this composition becomes a two-dimensional structure in three dimensions, from the base, called the “skirt” of 45 meters, it rises to 35 meters high and widened again in crown diameter of about 42 meters.
In particular, the column of the stem which narrows towards the top, and it’s triggering even more the structure, appears to move in the sense tortile thanks to the structuring of the wooden part.

Al coating laminated wood, made of larch, corresponds, however, a core of steel, made ​​in foundries Brescia, to ensure greater solidity to the structure possible. The metal heart of the Tree of Life hides a scale of access and technical spaces destined to professionals: using this scale you can reach a roof terrace located on the top of the Tree, destined to selected guests as television crews to shoot video or personality. The central structure metal will be partially obscured by the application of green plants.

Other materials used for the construction of the Tree of Life are porphyry and marble Botticino for foundation design and access walkway to the structure.
The base of the Tree, its roots can be reached via a suspended walkway on Lake Arena, home an exhibition that, in the concept of the designer, wants to be a place of interaction between the work and the visitor.

The area will be dedicated to events.
Art work will also be static icon button thanks to the spectacular elements that animate the Tree of Life during the different times of day: in particular, during the daytime, the rich will spectacularization water games and three-dimensional effects, while the evening will also consist of elements of architectural lighting in motion, laser graphics, games of smoke and pyrotechnics
Three million development cost, borne entirely by the companies of the Consorzio Brescia “Brescia Pride”.





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