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President Sergio Mattarella visits the Winged Victory

President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella visited on May 18th Brescia and attended the ceremony for the presentation of the restoration works of the Winged Victory on the occasion of the International Museum Day 2021.

The ceremony was also attended with deep emotion and pride by our President Monica Berardi, representing the Consortium, as technical sponsor in the restoration project.

President Mattarella expressed his closeness to citizens of Brescia and Lombardy in the deep suffering of the last year and during the speech, held in front of the Capitolium Temple of Roman Brixia, he wanted to underline how the occasion of the splendid Winged Victory restoration reminds us of the close link between culture and recovery in our country; and it is a condition that calls for an awareness of the importance of initiating and planning either its recovery or the future.


Speech by President Sergio Mattarella during the institutional visit to Winged Victory.

Culture, recovery, future, community, President Mattarella thanks the Municipality of Brescia, Lombardy Region and all entrepreneurs and citizens who contributed to the restoration project of the Winged Victory. The time to think about the future symbolically starts from Winged Victory and Brescia, to build together the future of Italy.

“This is the time to look to the future, to plan and implement it together, because this is the condition to be able to do it effectively in a dramatic emergency such as the one we have gone through and that we must overcome and definitively set aside.”

“This vision and projection of building a future together, is the message that is coming out today, with this ceremony and with this occasion of a masterpiece restoration, to offer to the city and to the country.
I would like to point out, as already said by those who spoke earlier: we also need to think about the future in order to honor the memory of those who have fallen victim of the pandemic.
This historic time is the moment of the future; this is the invitation that I dare to make and which starts from Brescia to our whole country”.





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