The collective mark of origin

The origin and sole quality of Botticino Classico Marble

UNIQUELY, ORIGINAL: The collective mark of origin
Botticino Classico marble


Today’s economic and cultural scenario presents Botticino Classico with dificult business challenges on one hand, but remarkable growth opportunities on the other. Marble exports from developing countries are rising dramatically, but in parallel we are also seeing a trend towards the revaluation of local production excellence and a preference for the appearance and structural properties of natural materials.

The Consorzio has therefore adopted a strategic approach to the need to enhance the identity of Botticino Classico by registering a Mark of Origin to represent it. This initiative provides a formal and substantial guarantee that products from the area covered by the denomination are produced according to the most stringent quality controls and pursuant to European regulations.

The “Marmo Botticino Classico” Collective Mark guarantees the provenance of the marble, certifies the unique quality of the material and the workmanship, and controls sales of the product.

Why a Mark?

“Botticino Classico Marble” is the first mark of origin to be registered in the stone-working market, with a view to enhancing the identity of Botticino Classico marble. The Mark has three main goals:

TO GUARANTEE geographical provenance;

TO DISTINGUISH Botticino Classico marble from competing materials produced in other areas which wrongly use the name “Botticino”;

TO RE-LAUNCH “Made in Italy” products in the stone-working sector where Italy has a tradition of excellence.

What is the mark?

“Marmo Botticino Classico” was registered in Italy and throughout the world on 17 May 2005 as a Mark of Origin, intended to guarantee the geographical provenance, composition and quality products from the Botticino Classico marble quarrying area in the Municipality of Botticino near Brescia.

Who owns the mark?

The Mark is owned by the Consortium of Botticino Classico Marble Producers, which has a mission to promote the image, diffusion and use of Botticino Classico marble by fostering awareness and encouraging its distribution on domestic and international markets

Who can use it?

The Mark can be displayed by producers of Botticino Classico, as well as by all Italian and international transformers and users who, at the request of customers or designers, must guarantee the quality of products bearing the name “Botticino Classico Marble”.


Which products can the mark be affixed to?

The Mark can be affixed to: blocks, slabs, semi-finished and finished products made exclusively from marble quarried in the Botticino area (Brescia), or in other words by the producers of Botticino Classico marble

How is it used?

Those interested in using the Mark must apply to the Consortium for a licence.

“Mark of Origin Licensees” may use it on thier Botticino Classico marble products and in the relative documentation according to precise instructions issued by the Consortium on accepting the application.

Who to contact?

For information and the licence application forms, contact the Consortium of Botticino Classico Marble Producers, via Dante Alighieri 1 F, 25086 Rezzato (Brescia)

Tel: 030 2190627


How to use the collective mark of origin
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For information and the licence application forms, contact the Consortium of Botticino Classico Marble Producers.

Via Dante Alighieri 1 F
25086 Rezzato - Brescia Italy

Tel: +39 030 2190627

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