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The Consortium is the technical sponsor of the exhibition Reconstruction to the Triennale di Milano

Ricostruzioni Architettura, città e paesaggio nell’epoca delle distruzioni

It will open Thursday, 29th November 2018, 7 pm, at La Triennale di Milano, the exhibition “Reconstructions”, to which the Consortium is proud to participate as a technical sponsor.


The exhibition will provide an overview of reconstruction work from different times and places and a reflection on the future prospects of work that, from Italy and Europe to the Middle East and the Americas, will increasingly involve governments and architects.

The reconstruction of cities and territories has now become a constant practice, due to the intensification of wars, earthquakes and other types of catastrophe around the world.

In relation to the themes concerning the work in progress, we also find the “locally sourced -reconstruction installation”, which deals with the theme of reconstructing in relation with the architectural identities and local materials.

The installations presented in this section describe two materials: stone and brick, which are historically related, in our country, to traditional architectural cultures. Vincenzo Latina and Javier Corvalan were invited to interpret, specifically for the exhibition, the theme of the use of local materials in post-catastrophe reconstruction.

ArchiBottius installation, designed by Arch. Vincenzo Latina and produced by our Consortium, thanks to the enthusiasm and collaboration of the Municipality of Botticino, tries to interpret symbolically, through the use of a valuable building and coating material, the Botticino Classico Marble, the synthesis of some millennial events that partly characterized the ancient, modern architecture and contemporary. In some cases such architectures, from the 5th century BC onwards, they became fundamental in the construction of the ancient city, its streets, factories and monuments, as it happened for the ancient Roman Brixia. The contemporary Brescia is the result of millennial events that have seen constant reconstructions over the centuries due to wars, calamities and extraordinary rebirths.

These works, of construction and reconstruction, are found both in some buildings of Brescia, among all the Capitolium, and in other cities, not only Italian, characterized by some important architectures and monuments that have strongly defined the shape and the urban structure of the cities.

The installation is a pretext to represent symbolically the architecture of cities imagined as the sum of palimpsests, of continuous transcriptions and reconstructions in which the ancient is contemporary and vice versa.ArchiBottius is the formal synthesis that recomposes an imaginary portal, a profane “tabernacle”, a system configured by an essential reconstruction.

We would like to thank the Municipality of Botticino and the Municipality of Brescia to have given their patronage to the installation.




30 NOV 2018 – 10 FEB 2019
La Triennale di Milano




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