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Quinta, the material expression of Botticino Classico marble

Quinta, l'espressività materica del Botticino Classico

At the end of the courtyard there is a stage, with its sculptural seats, bystanders and backward hinters.

Architects Stevan Tesic and Milena Veljkovic from the Studio di_archon associates, tell us about “Quinta”, a site-specific installation in Botticino Classico marble, created for ONE TWO FIVE exhibition, by American architect Steven Holl.

It is an installation site specific representing a “Backdrop” made of Botticino Classico marble and processed masterly, hanging and movable thanks to hinges that generate fluid rotations of elements of considerable weight, getting them free from the feeling of gravity. The marble seats, which are placed in a micro-landscape of multiple objects, hold taps and knobs, becoming lantern-exhibitors.

The site-specific installation, located in the courtyard of Antonia Jannone Gallery, during the week of the Fuorisalone, tells the material expression of Botticino Marble in unknown finishes, enhancing the abstraction of the material that, processed and transformed into surfaces and volumes, composes the opera, the background-scene of a metropolitan garden immersed in its own quietness.
White, light, “Quinta” is supported by a steel framework, which outlines its belonging space.

The marble surfaces bend, rotate and become a stage, from which you can approach the same work and also address the audience of a tiny metropolitan agora.
Quinta is lifted from the ground, a suspended swing, in a moment of foreboding that separates the movement from the ideal equilibrium point, also announcing, in this way, a dynamic and constant approach that all the actors, the companies, involved in the ideation and in the creation of this work, also practice in their own activities, which are highly specialized, as well as always oriented towards invention, innovation and research.

For the realization of the work, a few productive and creative Companies of Brescia area, have joined in the common intention to support and promote ONE TWO FIVE, show of architectural drawings, by Architect Steven Holl.
Two sectors, driving local and national manufacturing, were involved: stone and mechanics.

Three companies, among the most interesting ones in Brescia province, which area has always been one of the most active and innovative industrial basins in Italy, exporting production all over the world: our associated Cooperativa Operai Cavatori del Botticino – marble producer and manufacturer; Fratelli Garletti – Smart Hinge System, and our licensee Linearstone – your customized marble – already working together to create unique load bearing structures.



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