Terreni & Coa S.R.L. – Gruppo Bresciana Marmi Graniti S.P.A.

Terreni & Coa Srl, a Bresciana Marmi Graniti Spa group company owned by Uff. Bruno Alberti, has been quarrying, processing and selling ornamental cut stone on international markets for half a century.

Terreni & Coa quarries blocks, semi-blocks and rough blocks of Botticino Classico, Semiclassico and Fiorito, Breccia Aurora Classica, Breccia Aurora Laredo medium and light, from three quarries it owns in Botticino, Nuvolera and Gavardo in the province of Brescia, the second most important quarrying area in Italy.
Terreni & Coa and its parent company Bresciana Marmi Graniti SpA have a large storage area for blocks from which customers can select the material they require. Planning and cutting edge technology are effective tools for the sustainable development of quarrying, in compliance with environmental and safety standards.

Thanks to the tenacity and competence of all its staff, Terreni & Coa obtained the following certifications: UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 ,UNI ISO 45001:2018, improving its company policy.

Botticino and Breccia Aurora are marbles with excellent physical, mechanical and aesthetic properties, making them versatile, unique, “naturally” eternal and ideal for flooring, cladding and decorative finishings in both outdoor and indoor environments. Terreni & Coa can provide guarantees of provenance and continuity over time, which are vital for large new constructions and restoration projects for existing buildings, drawing on the huge range of raw materials available.

Our company’s philosophy is to maximise the value of quarried products through national and international promotional compaigns and by offering customers the company’s experience to help them find the right product. “In a demanding and constantly expanding market, passing the test of time becomes a mark of prestige, like our materials and the professional, ongoing relationships we try to establish with our customers.”

Sede Legale:
Via Camprelle, 11
25080 Nuvolera (BS), Italia
Tel. +39 030 6896713
Cell. +39 349 7590308
Fax. +39 030 6916625

Sede Amministrativa:
Via Scaiola, 46
25080 Nuvolera (BS), Italia


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