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Eredi Martinelli Marmi e Graniti Spa has been working in the stone materials sector since the 1940s. The company manages the quarrying of the raw material and its transformation into semi-finished and finished products, which it then markets through a distribution network covering the main international markets.

The company is based in Rezzato (Brescia), just a few kilometers from the Botticino Classico marble quarrying area. This stone, which has a long historical and cultural tradition and is highly valued on world markets, represents the company’s core business.

Eredi Martinelli Marmi e Graniti SpA is a leading producer and vendor of stone products quarried in the Brescia area, and particularly Botticino Classico, but also Botticino Semiclassico, Fiorito, Brecce and Italian coloured marbles.

Over the years the company has expanded constantly and today all work, apart from quarrying, is performed in an industrial facility covering 60,000 sq m, of which 15,000 sq m are under cover.

As well as the Botticino Classico quarry, in Botticino, the company owns land located in neighbouring areas, covering a total surface area of 170,000 sq m, where Botticino Semiclassico and Fiorito are produced.

Via Industriale, 5
25086 Rezzato (BS), Italia
Tel. +39 030 2592892 / 2594141
Fax. +39 030 2590612 / 332

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