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LAVORARE IN CAVA Un confronto fra realtà estrattive sul tema della sicurezza

On Tuesday, March 21st, 2017 a delegation composed of the UPG of the Province of Brescia, Geom. Giovanni Battista Patarini, of the President of National Mining Engineers Association (ANIM), Eng. Domenico Savoca, and Representatives of Piemonte and Tuscany Regions, were in Botticino to meet our President Eng. Giovanni Merendino, together with President of the Consortium Valley of Nuvolera, Geol. Giuliano Ghirardi and local quarrying operators and technicians.

The visit to the Basin of Botticino Classico marble in Botticino and to the Basin of Semi-Classico and Fiorito marbles, in Nuvolera, was organized by ANIM, on solicitation of territorial mining authorities of different Provinces, with the aim of comparing different quarrying realities on the topic of security, regarding the use of diamond wire cutting machines, in the marble quarries.

The meeting was aimed at the revision of the rules on the use of diamond wire cutting machines and at the drafting of a national guidelines, for the improvement of safety conditions.

On this occasion, we presented the Vademecum “Working in the quarry” drawn up in 2014 and promoted by the Province of Brescia and the Consortiums of the stone industry, consisting of technical data sheets, relating to the various quarry operations and related risks.



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