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The General Consul of India in visit to the Botticino and Nuvolera marble Basins

On Thursday, May 4th, we had the pleasure of hosting the General Consul of India Sir Charanjeet Singh, for a visit to the Botticino and Nuvolera marble Basins.

The Consul’s visit, a sign of the long friendship and collaboration between our industry and the Indian market, was organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Botticino, the Consorzio Cavatori Marmo della Valle di Nuvolera and the Consorzio Marmisti Bresciani.
After the welcome greetings of Major of Botticino Donatella Marchese, representing the Municipal Administrations of the whole basin, the Presidents of the three Consortiums accompanied the Consul to visit the quarries, in the 2nd Italian marble district (after Carrara).

The stone industry in Brescia area, covers over 3,800 hectares, with 120 Units, for an annual production of 500,000 tons of blocks. The 106 companies, which are active in the district, employ 700 employees, resulting in an induction of 1500 workers.

This official meeting was an important opportunity to strengthen the bond of friendship and esteem with India, in order to strengthen the trade relations with its market: an area of ​​strong economic expansion, where stone and marble meet the favor of its main aesthetic canons and which is currently the 1st export market for marble industry in Brescia area. The large Indian economic growth, which is growing at an average of 7% per year, as the Consul said during his speech, represents a significant investment and job for the marble industry.

At the end of the day, with the aim of strengthening the already established relationship with India, also in the field of training and involving designers and architects, as the new influencers in the choice of materials during the architectural design phase, was presented “Italy Learning Project”, a training project that aims to offer a unique opportunity for meeting and exchanging, in perspective of increasing cultural and economic cooperation of excellence in the stone industry.

This project, created by synergy between the three local Consortiums of the marble industry and the territorial Municipal Administrations, aims to be a kind of learning method, that combines local experience with the acquisition of professional and extra-professional skills and is focused on the realization of a one-week placement, offered to 4 young Indian professionals, who have the desire to know and experience the tradition, in the masterful design and artisan technique, of stone work culture, that has developed in Italy, in the field of architectural and artistic marble elements.



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