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The Consortium is sponsoring Cave Canem, a Cracking Art site-specific installation

Cave Canem

The Consortium of Botticino Classico Marble Producers has sponsored Cave Canem, the new site-specific installation, created by Cracking Art, the artistic movement born in 1993, with the first aim to combine social and environmental commitment, in conjunction with an innovative use of plastic materials.

A wolf, distinctive animal for Cracking Artists, made entirely of Botticino Classico marble, will preside over the massive and impressive amphitheater of “Bugazzi Quarry” in Virle Treponti (Brescia), surrounded by a colorful pack of 60 wolves, made of recycled plastic. The purpose is to reintroduce the heart of Cracking Art philosophy, which is based on the comparison between natural and artificial and between contemporary art and ancient art.

The event, curated by Lillo Marciano, was organized by the Consorzio Marmisti Bresciani, as part of the Project “La Via del Marmo” and sponsored by The Consortium of Botticino Classico Marble Producers, that provided the marble block with which the Company Marmi Senco has carried out the sculpture.

Cave Canem installation will be open to visitors, until October, 2nd, on Saturdays and Sundays, from 15.30 to 20.30.
Throughout the duration of Cave Canem, small plastic animals will be sold to raise funds, which will be destined to Rodolfo Vantini School of arts and crafts in marble, the oldest institute in Lombardy, with its headquarters in Rezzato (Brescia).



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