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Permanent Research. Projects and works in Botticino Classico marble.

Ricerca permanente. Progetti e opere in marmo Botticino Classico.
Permanent Research, our Consortium activity to document architectural, sculptural and artistic production in Botticino Classico marble.

The Consortium of Botticino Classico Marble Producers, as an association involved in the protection and promotion of the culture and quality of Botticino Classico marble, since its foundation has promoted several initiatives and projects, aimed at encouraging the use of stone materials, by international renowned architects and designers.

The activity of permanent research, was born with the intent to implement the knowledge on architectural, sculptural and artistic production in Botticino Classico marble, as well as to document the level of diffusion of the Brescian marble in Italy and in the world.

In particular, the Consortium organizes periodically ARCH&STONE, an award dedicated to contemporary stone architecture. In this regard, and being about to organize, in the next future, a new ARCH&STONE edition, the Consortium is contacting International architecture Studies, to document new projects and works made with Botticino Classico marble.

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